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It's not work itself that is the biggest problem but emotional thoughts about work, after work.  And for many people, there is no clear 'after' work... but there are simple techniques to reduce work-related stress...

"Have you been resident in the UK for the last six months?" the receptionist at the local district hospital asked this week.

The older white man with a broad Yorkshire accent, looked amused at the question but also rueful. We all know the sub-text here.  This is clearly a new policy introduced amidst...

It can be hard for young people to join the workplace. Talent gets lost. Managers could do so much more to get the most out of their staff...

 “I have really enjoyed the coaching conversations I have had with Joanne over the last year. Her perceptive questioning helps me recognise what is important, and her skillful combination of challenge and encouragement help me find ways forward.”


 “Joanne is a world-class coach. Both warm and incisive, she asks question that have stopped me in my tracks and really forced me to challenge my own thinking.


Her observations are astute and always relevant. She is unfailingly punctual, focussed and prepared for sessions, and is great at helping me...

1. Chaos is not creative 

Most conversations fail to reach their potential because of interruptions – verbal and non-verbal. Participants are so busy trying to jump in that they fail to listen. If you are holding a creative meeting to generate ideas; or trying to overcome barriers to progress, build...

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