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Study after study shows that low levels of employee engagement is bad for organisations. And poor staff experience makes for poor customer and client experience too. One of the best ways to boost engagement is for managers to help their teams to develop and flourish. Management development turbo boosts performance - and yet it still doesn't happen in systematic and sustainable ways. What a waste of people and resources too.

Fiona Smith and Joanne Rule are about to run a free and by-invitation workshop for organisational leaders on the challenges and difficulties facing new managers and the organisational gain to managers’ managers of offering them structured support in becoming and being a manager. It’s taking place on Tuesday 14 August, 9.30 am for 10 – 12 noon @ the Tuckshop, Shine conference centre. If you are interested in taking part, e-mail


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I work face to face in Yorkshire. I also provide online leadership coaching services all over the UK and internationally.

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