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Like all of us, living at a time of Covid-19 has brought me challenges and changes. Overnight, my facilitation work ended and all my coaching became virtual.

But coaching at a time of coronavirus has also become more real, more authentic. Clients and coach alike become more open with each other, more able to acknowledge how hard things are.

And what used to be a division between life coaching and work coaching – always a false one – has now broken down completely. Most people coming to coaching want to work through the issues in their broader lives which impact upon their work and creativity. Almost everyone wants to do some work on their resilience and well-being, not simply on their work related goals. This is an important shift and I think it will last.

Coming out of 2020, I want to work less and work differently. I want to do more gifted coaching whether that's with York’s Indie business owners who are struggling so hard right now or supporting the anti-modern slavery work of Hull’s Wilberforce Institute.

In my paid-for coaching, I still see myself as a leadership coach helping people to develop their impact at work but now working explicitly with the whole person, on confidence and well-being too. So I'm closing my company, concentrating on one-to-one and small group coaching and switching away from a corporate website presence towards social media for greater immediacy and interaction.

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